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Felt makes excellent clothes, in cold Scandinavia and Norway felt was used for boots, coats hats, baby clothes and even nappies. The dense fabric repels water from sea spray or rain and keeps out the wind. Felt can be moulded into a variety of 3d shapes and can be used to make seamless hats, and boots and bags. 

Lyn uses a a strong fibre that is very hardwearing such as Carded Norwegian Fleece, or Piku to make items requiring sturdy use.



Art in the workshop 


The Workshop

More Felt work
Students should be able to complete a hat/beret in a days workshop. Students with some experience would be able to complete a small pair of boots/slippers. Lyn has a range of different sizes of shoe lasts to use during the day, or the student could come to the workshop with their own. tel 01205 369 or email for further information
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